The Studio

Our architectural Studio is based in Cortina d’Ampezzo and in Verona: our design philosophy is harmony with nature.

In our projects the materials talk to the light, creating color and shape contrasts that matches with the surroundings.

The use local materials is the one of the main features of our planning, inspiration comes from the environment and nature itself.

From Idea to Project

The professionals at our Studio accompany the Client on the path from the idea to the realization of the construction project, thanks to the extensive experience gained over the years.

Constant upgrade and research in the field allow us to respond with innovative solutions to every request.

The Added Value

The Studio, with the constant discussion with the Client, wants to understand the inspirational idea and give shape to it; with our work, we aim to create quality and value through the development of original architectural language.

To work in different environments is a continous challenge for our creativity and our improvement.

Our Services

Interior Design

Refurbishment and reconstruction

Restoration project and extension

Architecture for residences, company’s headquarters, retail, hospitality, wellness

Feasibility study and concept

Operations and control management

Safety coordination

Land and metric survey

Technical consultancy for real estate registry

Energy requalification and certificate

Photo and 3D modelling, Render

Architectural concept